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This homepage is for JJplace Computers & eBusiness. The site is so named, as Electronic Business (eBusiness), in general, is saturated with Information Technology (IT) and Computer Technology.

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Additionally, a business owner, 'would-be' business owner, or Home Based Business (HBB) owner, knows (or will discover) there is more to Electronic Commerce (eCommerce) than just computers, electronics, the Internet and a dream!

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Additionally, the person, merely interested in ideas for web pages, computers and just Internet fun, will find visiting JJplace Computers & eBusiness is equally fun as it is technical. Visit our RECREATION section and look for pages marked "EXECUTIVE DIVERTISSEMENT". A work-weary eBusiness Person or anyone seeking great games, vacation ideas, sports betting, online casinos, lottery reports world wide, consumer electronics and much more, will be enthused!


Probably, the single most important tool for eBusiness or eCommerce is the computer and related technology. The eBusiness person needs IT information like networks, security, software, hardware, administration, design planning, and more. The eBusiness person needs computer skills or access to them. They need skills like, buying supplies and support for office automation and getting more 'computing' for their money!

The eBusiness and eCommerce person most certainly can benefit from our information on computer and network BIY (Build-It-Yourself). This includes from very basic definitions of IT terms to many of the complexities of understanding NETWORK LEVEL protocols like TCP/IP. There is information on SESSION HIJACKING and various security issues. Often, we volunteer solutions but more important, the eBusiness Person is well-armed.

Electronic Business - Electronic Commerce:

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The aspiring entrepreneur or 'netrepreneur' , needs marketing ideas and methods. Things like starting an OPT-IN email service from the beginning, business generating opportunities, advertisement and much more, are hot topics for ALL eBusiness venues.  Discover, different HOSTING methods with their benefits and limitations.

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A well informed Netrepreneur knows if their best hosting choice is a "Managed Server" or "Leased Server". The Netrepreneur, who chose in advance of production, the set of scripting languages for their eCommerce Web site, is the person more likely to get up and running faster. This is valuable information even for a Personal Web site that has no business use.

Kaspersky Small Office Security is exclusively designed for small businesses.

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If one plans on doing most of their Internet coding for themselves, this is critical up-front information. If one decides (and can afford to) hire others to build their web site, a general knowledge of this information can save money!

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There are additional considerations for eBusiness and eCommerce. One should make use of B2B,  Merchant Banking and Finance Services. These services are common tools for the successful Business, and eCommerce is no exception!

Education & Training:

Everyone interested in eBusiness or eCommerce can benefit from informal information. There is an abundance of FREE tutorials available on the Web and to some lesser numbers, via snail-mail (traditional Postal Services).  Additionally, many may have need of more structured learning or training. Regardless of the genre or even the subject, anyone venturing into the business world is entering a world of perpetual learning!


The old idea of being a "Career Student" was never more true than for anyone involved in business of any type.  Indeed, anyone who uses a computer on a regular basis- even for gaming- will perpetually need to learn and re-learn something.  So, the sub-categories within Education & Training should be an excellent compliment to all- eBusiness people or 'fun surfers'.

Recreation & Leisure:

Anyone running a profit making enterprise will also, be multi-talented and have 'diversity' in their personal skills.  Irving 'Magic' Johnson, Oscar Delahoya, George Foreman are 3 of many sports celebrities running multiple businesses in genres other than their famous sport.  Less known but, equally good of an example are the many school and civic programs that pit students and seniors into the investment wars with the worlds leading investors.  These people owe much of their creativity to dreams and imagination from refreshed minds. 

A refreshed mind is a strong mind. A strong mind can do work and create.  A tired mind, usually creates- work for others to do and correct! There are informative articles from medical and business experts about this within our sub-categories. Within our Recreation & Leisure categories, we offer many sub-category web pages marked as "Executive Divertissement".

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The Recreation & Leisure Category offers diversity for the eBusiness Person or personal Internet Surfer. Plan for Business or Vacation Travel with us.  Enjoy Gaming, Online Casinos or even Sport Betting!  Find great Outdoor Recreation information and supplies. Of course, there are plenty of Movies, Music, and Consumer Electronics.  For more leisurely pursuits, Shopping has always been a relaxing recreation including Home Decorations, Clothing, Jewelry and even Motor Vehicles or Boats.

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Search the Internet!

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