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Auto Repair

Money-Saving Kits
For all of your auto restoration needs!

Whether you're starting a new project, or getting ready for the next phase of the job, be sure to check out Eastwood's extensive offering of kits. Put together by the experts at Eastwood, these kits will help you get professional results on your project.

Fabrication Kits
Fabrication Tool Kits
Shrinker Stretchers, Planishing Hammers, English Wheels, Panel Flangers, Bead Rollers, Punches, Jigs, Tube Bending, and more!

Body Hammers, Mallets & Sandbag Kits
Mallets, Hammers, Sandbags, and more!

Grinding, Smoothing, & Sanding Kits
Expander Wheels, Flap Discs, Cleaning/Stripping, Carbide Burrs, and more!

Metal Repair Panel Kits
Metal Repair Panels, Flexedge Steel Strip

Specialty Coatings
Specialty Coatings Kits
Golden Cad Kits, Rust Prevention Kits, Bedliners, Detail Paints, Wheel Paints, and more!

High Temp Exhaust Coatings Kits
High Temp Coating Kits, Exhaust Detailing Kits, and more!

Trunk Paint Kits
Trunk Paint Kits in great colors!


HotCoat Powder Coating
HotCoat Kits
HotCoat Deluxe, Original HotCoat, Performance Kits, Accessory Kits, and more!

HotCoat Powder Sampler Kits
Powders in a wide array of colors, arranged in economical kits - choose from standard colors, high tech colors, iridescents, and more!

Infrared Curing System Kits
Curing systems for HotCoat powder coatings.

Welding Accessory Kits
Spotweld Cutter Kits, Stitch Welders, Jigs, and more!

No Weld Panel Repair Kits
No Weld Panel Repair Kit, No Weld Panel Adhesive Replacement

Body Solder/Lead Kits
Body Solder Kits in Basic, Standard, and Deluxe..and more!

Stick Welder Kits
Standard and Deluxe Stick Welding Kits, Firepower Weld System

Alumiweld Kits
Alumiweld Standard and Deluxe Kits

Mig Welder Kits
Starter Kits, Lincoln Kits, Conversion Kits, and more!

Exterior Polishing Kits
System One, Final Finish, Flitz...Kits for Vinyl Windows, Taillights, Headlights, Glass Polishing, and more!

Sanding Block Kits
For all your auto sanding needs!

Smoothing & Buffing Kits
Wheel Buffing and Smoothing, Manifold Smoothing Kits, Motors, and more!

Buff Motor Kits
Buff Shop Motors from 1/3 HP to 1.5 HP, Cabinets, Pedestals, and more!

Buff Wheels, Compounds, and Combo Kits
Buff Shop Kit for Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Brass...Buff Wheels, Facers, Bobs, Fast Cut Systems, and more!

Vibratory Tumbler Kits
Wet/Dry, Vibratory, and Media Tumblers and accessories

Chassis Restoration Kits
Full and Partial Chassis Restoration Kits

Gas Tank Sealer Kits
For Automobiles and Motorcycles

Getting Ready to Buff?...Read this time-saving tech article first!





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