Can You Really Get Your Own Website?

      - by Jim Edwards

(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Despite the fact that most of us take the Internet for
granted, it still holds a lot of mystery, even for people
who use it every day. 

Plenty of people surf the web, send email, get news, check
stock information, and use instant messenger, but the
thought of putting up their own web pages leaves them
shaking with fear. 

However, with all the changes online in the last few years,
putting up your own website rates easier than ever and
creating any website breaks down to 5 main elements. 

** HTML Pages:

Seven or eight years ago it cost $75 an hour to get a web
designer to hand-code an html document for you to display
on the Web. 

A simple website used to cost thousands of dollars. 

Now, software will do it for you better, faster and for
less than the cost of dinner and movie. 

In fact, Microsoft Word (the ever-popular word processing
program from Mr. Bill Gates) allows you to convert your
word processing documents to html pages automatically. 

They may not be as "s~xy" as a high powered web-designer's
work, but my experience shows that the slicker pages with
all kinds of dancing and flashing "junk" don't do as well as
the sites that load fast and get to the point! 

Bottom line: 
After just some minimal instruction, if you can use a word
processor, you can create your own Web pages and link them
together to form an effective Web "site."

** Domain and Website Hosting:

Domain names used to cost $70 or more to register for a
year, but now you can get your own dot-com for as little as $8.95
per year at some registrars

I personally paid more than $100 a month for basic website
hosting back in 1998, but you can get better, more full-
featured service now for less than $10 a month! 

In fact, for smaller sites, you can get a domain name AND a
year's hosting for only $25 a year. 

** FTP To Your Web Server:

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) intimidates people more
than any other part of the website building process...
probably because it *sounds* intimidating. 

The word "Protocol" makes me think of some dreadful medical
procedure out of a Frankenstein movie! 

Yet FTP is simply the process of transferring (uploading)
your web pages from your computer to another computer
called a Web "server." 

A Web server is just a computer permanently connected to
the Internet to "serve" files to your website visitors. 

That's all it is... just another computer that Web surfers
connect to in order to view your Web pages.

Go to www.SmartFTP.com for a free program that works
virtually identically to "Windows Explorer" and allows you
to just "drag and drop" html files to your Web server.

** Pay Me!

If you wanted to accept credit cards on your website five
or six years ago, it cost hundreds of dollars just to apply
and it felt like you needed a National Security clearance
to get accepted for a merchant account. 

Now you can quickly, easily, and securely accept credit
card and even check payments through your website with no
monthly fees. 

Check out PayPal.com, ClickBank.com, and PaySystems.com for
more information. 

** Targeted Traffic:

Unless your Website exists strictly to serve family or
friends, eventually you'll need some traffic. 

Hundreds of books exist to teach you how to get website
traffic from free search engines, your own affiliate sales
force, publishing articles online, and even how to quickly
get hundreds of other sites to link to you.

No matter how you choose to get traffic, remember, "All
clicks are not created equal!" 

The key is to only pay for tightly targeted traffic with a
specific interest in what you sell on your website. 

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the
creator of an amazing course that will teach you step-by-
step and click-by-click how to finally create your own
money-making mini-sites... 

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Computer Geek, Buying Expensive Software, or Paying
Outrageous Fees To A Webmaster!"

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