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Address Bus
A CPU communicates with any and all devices using an addressing scheme and access paths.    The Address used by the CPU is part of it's Address Bus. Each device will have an address for the CPU.   There are some 'shared addresses' but when so, usually another indicator is used for uniqueness ( e.g. 'port number', etc.).
ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)
A Computer Technology CHARACTER SET used to translate BITs into characters.    The ASCII scheme uses 7-Bits to define a character.    The standard characters are represented by 128 different 7-Bit combinations.    Under the IBM EXTENDED CHARACTER SET, their are 256 different characters. In the IBM Character Set an eighth Bit is used for special symbols.
ASP (Active Server Pages)
AKA. 'CLASSIC ASP' (as opposed to ASP.NET) is a scripting language created by Microsoft.  Variants of ASP exist from other companies as well. (e.g. Chili Asp, etc.)  ASP is usually written using Visual Basic Script (VBScript) but may be written in several other languages (e.g. Perl, JavaScript [JScript] ,etc.)
ASPs (Application Service Providers)
A type of online software application solution.  A 'Single Tenant' systems solution that usually requires a separate, expensive set of software and hardware for each customer.  ASP is often compared to SaaS in the context of Business Operations, ROI, and Efficiency. ASP should not be confused with the web-developing, scripting language of ASP listed above on this page.

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