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CPC or “Cost-Per-Click”:
CPC is a Marketing Schema originally developed to improve the ROI (Return On Investment) of a business advertising budget.   In very general, broad and basic terms, a business entity pays an Internet Publishing Entity (Web Site, Search Engine, etc.) an advertising or marketing fee calculated using the amount of clicks that a link gets.   This term is synonymous with Pay-Per-Click or PPC.
CPU or “Central Processing Unit”
A “Central Processing Unit” is part of a computer usually located within the main case or housing unit and usually on what is known as the Motherboard or Mainboard.  The CPU is the primary controller of ALL activity within a computer system.  One may compare a CPU's work to that of a Traffic Officer maintaining order in an ‘ electronic ’ busy intersection.  A CPU is the information logic-cause-effect or ‘ thinking ’ part of a computer.

A common misnomer is to reference a CPU as a Computer.  A CPU is an important PART of a computer.  It should be noted that Often the CPU is used ‘ generically ’ for all computers. This use, though most common today, is improper. 

In reality a CPU is a ‘ class name ’ for Processing Units.  In the case of Personal Computers, Desktops, Towers, etc., the processor type is a MPU!  The term is seldom used today except by micro-computer or robotic electronic engineers, designers, industrial programmers and the like in order to differentiate application between Mainframe, Midi and Small computing.


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