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High-Level Format
Usually this refers to a Disk Drive and a level of formatting (i.e. pre-conditioning for use) that is required.  Most often, this is a 2nd. level of formatting that may or may not been performed by the End User.  The “Low-Level Format&rsdquo; is usually performed by the disk manufacturer or a technician.  This format is usually (not always) limited to a specific OS (i.e. Operating System).

High-Level Formats are usually done after one (1) or more disk partitions have been created. Think of a disks like a patch of road being built or repaired.  The dirt and gravel is smoothed out and resembles an unfinished path.  Equate this to the disk after a partition has been created.

Now, take our unfinished road and cover it with asphalt, tar or even cement.  The road is now ready to be traveled on or painted with markings, signs and the like.  This is comparable to the disk after it has been formatted.  It is now ready for writing-on and using.
Within the context of Network Technology, this is a name given to the activity of a Data Packet.  A Hop refers to a Data Packet and it's location from a source point to a destination point as it moves through various Routers.
Hop Count
In Network Technology, this is the number of cable segments (i.e. Hops) a message packet passes as it travels from an originating source-network and a destination-network.  This includes Internetwork connectivity.
This is an HTML tag keyword which indicates the address of a link target.

e.g. < a href="H.html">Example of an anchor tag pair.</a> In this case H.html file is the link target.

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